Saturday, March 03, 2007

Extra Extra Read All About It!

We are taking a big step here, trying something new. In the past I have sold my own designs and hand made jewelry, sold at art/craft shows and loved being in the thick of crowds, with the people who love to shop and talk of good jewelry. People who want to know so much more about wire crochet, and this excites me. I have been asked for several years if I would consider teaching or selling patterns or kits.

Didn't think I would, really. I had been writing for Lapidary Journal Magazine since 1997, when the editor of Jewelry Journal, the inset that featured 13 workshops of projects each month from start to finish in step by step methods. I felt very lucky to have been asked, and got that project out very quickly, sending in a second in the same package. And another and another...I was very spoiled. 13 projects
in 10 years was wonderful.

(Golden roll up rose,very easy)

I already have projects thru the publications, Step by Step Beads and Wire, but most of the very old projects are on the very old computers, so I'm gonna be doing some high tec digging to get back directions. There will be just the patterns, on projects, that I will have on the website.and there will be kits. Lapidary journal is also selling online several of my projects on their own.

Kits will be complete with beads and wire, all decorations necessary to complete the project. Directions will be written out in the manner I did for Lap Journal, in my speak, not crochet speak. My shame, I can't follow a written pattern, can't understand the way they are written.

Guess I should also mention I am still making new items and still taking special bridal orders. The bridal line is new this spring, and is wonderful.

I have also started to give classes thru our local bead store in Pinole Ca. I hope to branch out to a couple other local stores, but haven't reached out too far.

The reason/ Well, some of you already know, health concerns have reached the level where doing shows are no longer possible. There are a couple this spring my daughter Amanda will be doing with me, last time I did one on my own i was found face down on my table, very embarrassed, a jade teardrop stuck to my forehead. I was told it was tasteful.

Cancer is not pretty. It is not kind or fair. However, it can be slow, and I have be very lucky in that regard, in that I spent most of 2005 in Hospice. I was kicked out of Hospice in December 2005 because I was not dying fast enough. A personal best! I'm not giving up nor giving in to this illness. so there.

The fact that I have not lost weight really ticks me off. even my dr told me I can't even get cancer right. Hey, he has been my dr for 20 years, he knows me. And he gives great hugs when you leave.

So, anyone who has wanted to make sometning they have seen on my site, contact me if you would like a special kit made up just for you. If there are enough people asking for the same one, that will be the first official project that will go out the door, and I already have a vendor who will sell it for me.

And of course, i will still be selling the hand made beauties I still make on a daily basis I have some new designs that will just be perfect for summer, and for the end of the year Holiday season. Ebay and maybe Esty look out!

Keep going, doing what you do best. i will try to find out why i can't do pictures