Monday, January 15, 2007

wire crochet and St. Valentines Day Countndown

Time can get away from you, as it has me again. This blog was started back on the 15th of January. 2007. At least it is the same year.

When you make jewelry, that can be bad. When there are deadlines that can not be fudged. You may have heard of them, Christmas, that is a biggie. Mothers Day, another big gift holiday jewelry folk and Valentines Day. That indicates you should have brushed off your beads of pink and red hearts/silver and gold hearts/white and irridecent hearts, way before now.

Romantic jewelry is in now, and would be in wether it were around heart day or not, styles are showing amazing designs in Swarovski(tm) Lead Crystals, in lampwork by hot glass astists like Diane, Saternschild on She has some beautiful work, both hearts and flowers! I also owe her a huge apology, she told me I oculd use her full name, and now I can't find her email. I'll correct it as soon as I can. But, please check her ebay store, she has no website. You will love her work. I will add the links as soon as I get them found.

Another lampworker I adore is Mavis Smith, her site is
and her ebay is

Actually I just spent way more time than planned peeking around, check out the

With the choices of hearts and flowers you will creat wonderful things, to be focal points for your wire crochet designs. Like mine!

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