Sunday, January 07, 2007

counting 1234? part 2

Don't hold your breath on this one... well, there was more to follow on this.

However, I have no idea what happened to the rest of this entry, but there is one whole, actually several missing. I am going to have to research to find out what could have happened to have them dropped from the blog. We can tell that I have more to learn about blogs.

I would like to tell you about my favorite stitch in crochet, the afghan stitch. congers up long flowing soft panels of woven yarn that is then stitched with designs, and when joined completed to be as big or small as you need it to be, and with the promise of years of use to keep you and your loved ones snug.

Um, no. The afghan stitch, yes, same one, the hook, way different. the complete work, oh so way different. But it does translate well to wire crochet. In normal times, the afghan hook more resembles a knitting needle in length, but has the hook end. You carry the stitches on the hook, just one, not at all like knitting.

When you are making jewelry, you have the crochet hook to use, so you are limited to how wide your piece will be, as you can only carry about 15 stitches on the hook at a time. I have made some pieces, Amulet Bags come to mind, OutStanding in his Field, a Sharon Peters Blue Cow bead, published by Step by Step Beads, January,2005.

(This can be seen at middle album. I am not sure why I couldn't get this to post here on the blog.)

I needed more room than the standard 15 max. I ended up adding on to each side with bringing the strap down to the bottom of the bag, so each side gained 5 stitches, so I had a total of 25 across. More than enough to build my field, crocheted fruit tree, which indeed grew every fruit you could imagine as it stood tall. There was also a smiling sun, that was placed mid way on left strap, offset the size of the cow and the tree.

So, we adapt!

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