Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dec. 30th Saturday ducks in a row?

One thing I hope will be obvious will be my new years resolution, using capital letters when called for, and no longer using my now familiar to family and friends... . Those three little dots that I love so much, as they say so much. Brings in one dangling sentence to another, certainly brings two short thoughts into some kind of sentence. And can make the longest run on sentence in history.

Not that I would ever do that. Not me. Never. Look, 4 capitals, and only one . To be seen. Almost like I was respectable or something.

On the silver front, I have had several thoughts for new designs I am really excited about. One is most likely going to be a just for me, a variation on the sterling silver safety pins I love making. This one will have one loop for a dangle to hang, and yes, I know the dangle, the rest of the pin will be shaped like a pig. I collect pigs. It started in college, I was a criminology major and the teachers called us piglets. Hey, it was the 60"s (yes I'm old) and lived not too far from UC Berkeley where the screams of PIG were the norm at the cops. Inn fact, back then the term cops was a tad derogatory itself.

It happened that I married a cop. A Fed cop at that. Some grumbled it was to complete my pig collection, but they were wrong. I will NEVER complete my collection, donations are always accepted.

For the crocheted wire pieces, I am planning to do a series that starts out with a simple geometric shape and then show how versatile it can be adapted to become from one basic piece to a very different finish. I'm hopefully that some of you will want to play along and comment in with your designs.

You do know comments can be made, right? I mean, just a hello would be nice. Nothing fancy. Sigh. I know, no motherly guilt. But I'm told I'm very good at it. That is one resolution I am NEVER going to do. It was a goal! Just ask my daughter. Oh, but to do that, you will have to...write a comment... ... ... ...'s not new year yet...

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog thru your re-introduction on the Carcinoid list. I have carcinoid too, but as long as I can still have enough energy to paint, quilt and to teach my granddaughter crafts, I will be happy. I love your work, keep up the good work! I started a blog when I was dx'd and it has helped me tremendously. I hope yours helps you too.