Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve all day!

December 24, 2006 has begun. Course ca time of 4:05 am when i began this, not alot of activity going on right now. Jon is out cold, sleeping, the mighty ridgeback hound armonti is sacked out on love seat, and border terrier brutus the short, is under covers with me.

The 2 kittens are bigger than kittens, their entering their teen age years, long tall gangly legs, and still sleeping all in a puddle of cats. Can't really tell where one starts and the other begins. One is always washing the other one. And if you are eating, hold a plate with food on it, or any food or actually anything on it, they will find out.

So, today I wanted to work on a design i did a couple years ago, a heart with flowers that spill down the side. My granddaughter Paige loves a necklace pendant i made for Mandy,a 4 leaf clover, each leaf is done with woven 4mm and 6 crystal bicones. it is made with swarovski crystals, in this cool color cantaloupe, that changes from a soft green in house lighting to a peach color in outside lighting.

I thought the heart could have a spray of the 3mm coming down, with couple contrast beads, maybe white ab now all i have to figure out how to keep her from twisting her neck funny, to see the color change. i know, putting on a longer chain would be the easy solution.

But who ever wants to do easy when you can see a 3.5yr old twist and giggle trying to see it! Bad Nana Pat. Bad!

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