Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dec 26....We did it

I know, there was a day there, something like the 25th, I believe, that should have been in here, but it sorta got away from me. The posts, not the day. The day was here, and it was lovely, happy, frantic, and sad/sniffle/makes your heart sigh.

Lovely, as I looked around as Jon drove us over to the apartment where Mandy, Nana Debby,(other grandma) and Paige-Noelle, age 3.5yrs. The street we live on was p shape, with us the start of the figure. 3rd house in, and looking out our front window, there is the street that ends the curve. We have no cross the street neighbors. The small farm that was at the end of the circle, was broken apart years go, and new houses built, they are so beautiful...And their Christmas lights and displays are very pretty. I got to see all the lights.

ah, the gifts, everything was happy and frantic as paige ran from person to person, dressed in a Barbie Princess gown, note to mandy, yeah, tutu would be good under it, or lacy slip.It was a beautiful gause layers in pinks lite and dark shades..she was thrilled with the crown i found and the magic wand. She loved that wand, a star fashioned in silver wire with tiny stars off the big star and ribbons that cascaded down. We were turned into frogs, toads, chocolate chip cookies and well.

the well? Ok, this was the end part. Paige had been pretending she was a Doctor who made house calls, and had built a kit for my husband, puppa Jon, while he watched TV. He found a Dr kit and we got it for her for one of the gifts she loved. She had lots of patients, and was telling us how over worked she w as, but she had to finish with one more special patient.

I was sitting in a leather chair and was trying to figure out how to sneak it out of apartment, on the 2nd floor no less. that chair is so lovely, deep cranberry red leather.....and making jewelry. Of course. With Swarovski butterflies in crystal ab 10mm with topaz and pink bicone top and bottom. When she got to me. I moved gift making jewelry supplies, and she climbed up in my lap. She did the exam, and pronounced me well, then put her hands on each side of my face, and said. "Nana pat,, you are all better, you uured." i must have looked confused, she said it again, louded and slower. Jon caught it and said "Cured?" she nodded and said "yeah, that's it.u not sick anymore"

it was then, after i kissed her face off, i noticed there were sniffles, and looked around, not a dry eye in the room...Ok, small room, only about 5 of us...

seems she diagnosed everyone else, with being sick. She fixed me. It was like she got the cancer out of me and shared it with everyone else...and that is what she told me she did. Gave parts of it to everybody.so i didn't have it all.

cool. Body, listen up. But, I don't want to share it with anyone, so when it is gone from me, make it go fffffssszzzzzzz oooop all gone.

Early start on New Years people who know me, and my writing style, my resolution this year, is to use Capital Letters, when and where they should be, and i'm trying really hard to lose the ... and end sentences correctly. Hey, I'm old, this could take time. But I'm trying....... will try to slap spelling check on too

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